General Mills has given us some our favorite breakfast cereals.

Cheerios, Chex, Wheaties, Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Kix, Trix and more! At one time or another this company has filled your belly before a big day at school or work.

You can imagine my excitement when I found not one, not two, but three of my all-time favorites in one mega-pack last night at Sam's Club!

Of course the dilemma then ensued as to which Monsters cereal I should crack open first!

It really wasn't that tough of a decision for me. Franken Berry wins my heart with all its delicious artificially flavored strawberry cereal! Who doesn't love those monster marshmallows and the tasty strawberry milk it leaves at the bottom of the bowl?

Second choice will be Count Chocula! I feel like this cereal is kind of a Cocoa Puffs or Cocoa Krispies knockoff, so it seems like I've had more than enough of these growing up.

Third would be the Boo-Berry. It's not as tasty to me as the Franken Berry and there's something to me about drinking blue milk at the end of my meal that makes this a bit of a turnoff. But hey, that's just me!

What do you think? Rank your picks for me, 1, 2, 3!

Was there a different cereal you'd consider your jam... and what kind of cereal do you eat these days, if at all?

~Chris Farber

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