Covid-19 has kept most kids from social activities for most of the year. The Girl Scouts are inviting you to join a local troop... safely!

While most of us are familiar with the 'cookie' side of the Girl Scouts, they are a year-round operation with activities for kids throughout the year.

They've been around for more than 100 years because their programs provides simple values that girls across generations appreciate: fun and friendship.

In such an unprecedented time, girls can keep active and engaged through educational programs, fun events, and Troop meetings. And when you're a member of Girl Scouts, you will continue to make valuable connections with friends!

With the Covid-19 crisis going on, the Girl Scouts are hosting virtual and local park drive-thru events through the month of September.

All girls and their families are invited to find out more about Girl Scouts and to join a troop.

Tonight (9/1) they're hosting their first event from 6 to 7 PM at the Flora Park Red Roof Pavilion in Dubuque.

There are a number of events scheduled through the month, or you can learn more in a virtual setting through the GIRL SCOUT WEBSITE.

You can also call 800.798.0833 or visit the Girl Scout Facebook page.

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