According to TMZ, Robin Thicke's girlfriend, the 22-year-old April Love Geary, is officially expecting a child. The model has announced the news on Instagram, where she posted an ultrasound image and tagging Thicke.

Thicke is still in the midst of a custody battle himself, following a messy physical altercation between him and his ex-wife Paula Patton. Patton had filed a restraining order against Thicke on grounds of infidelity and substance abuse.

With any luck, April Love Geary's new child by Thicke will teach him a lesson or two. If not, fingers crossed that Geary dosen't need to file any restraining orders. (By now, you'd think Thicke would be able to tell which lines are blurry and which aren't.) The new child is due March 1 — plenty of time for Thicke to reflect on his behavior.

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