One of the funniest films of 2023 is Joy Ride, a new comedy starring Ashley Park, Stephanie Hsu, Sabrina Wu, and Sherry Cola. Written by two Family Guy alums, the film follows the exploits of four Chinese-American friends who travel to China for their friend's business trip. It becomes a vacation of hijinks and unforeseen circumstances as Audrey (Park) makes a detour on the trip to find her birth mother at the insistence of her friend, Lolo (Cola).

Sherry Cola is a rising name in the comedy sphere. A Shanghai native, with experience in radio thanks to her time with Carson Daly, Sherry is a force to be reckoned with on and off-camera. Her character, Lolo, in Joy Ride is a loyal friend of Audrey, but is also quite messy in her own life, as she strives to make and sell her erotic artwork.

I had the privilege of talking to Sherry Cola about her experience making Joy Ride, as well as her background in radio and stand-up. Sherry was also kind enough to spill some tea about her upcoming role in Randal Park's Shortcomings, a comedy-drama based on Adrian Tomine's graphic novel of the same name!

Sherry is an effervescent, energetic personality with boundless charisma and a quick wit. Take a listen to my conversation with her. As of this writing, Joy Ride is now playing in theaters everywhere, and it's absolutely worth seeing with a group of friends on the big screen!

Take a look at showtimes for Joy Ride at both AMC Theaters and Phoenix Theaters in Kennedy Mall, both of which located in Dubuque!

Take a listen to my interview with Sherry Cola below!

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