I'm definitely not a "Mr. Fix It."

My wife will attest to this fact. She's actually better with tools than I am.

Usually when something breaks, I give my father-in-law, Wayne, a buzz to come help me out.

Thankfully with YouTube, I've found that lately I've been a little bit better with at least diagnosing the problem, first.

Last week my wife told me the washer didn't seem to have cold water dropping into the machine, so I took to the internet to see if I could find the answer. The first thing suggested was to check the water lines, to make sure both the hot and cold water were flowing in the hoses.

Easy enough. I shut off the water, removed the hose and then slowly turned it on up to full blast. All good there.

The next thing YouTube suggested was a bad solenoid valve, which would prevent the cold water from being allowed to fill the machine. I stopped down to talk to Dave at Ellis Appliance and he was nice enough to give me a few suggestions to try before paying for a new part. He even told me the best way to crack into the machine.

I went home, unplugged the machine and with the help of a butter knife popped the top of the washing machine off. (Who knew it was that easy?!?!)

I found the part and since I couldn't clean it to fix it, I called Dave and ordered another one.

It should be easy to fix and then we'll be back to rockin' laundry at the Farber house again.

It's always a rewarding feeling when you can fix something on your own. Are you a DIY person?

~Chris Farber


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