Last week I was running an errand for the boss in one of our radio station vehicles and I saw something that made me pull over.

I had just pulled off Saratoga Road and was running up Radford when in the distance I saw what looked like a kid wearing an upside down life preserver on the wrong half of his body, dancing on the side of the road and waiving a sign.

Of course it was a classic lemonade stand. Kayla and Eli were working their butts off to keep their neighborhood cool. It was super hot out, too!

They asked if I'd give them a shout out on the radio, which I did. I also promised to do them one better... a picture on our Y105 website.

Technology has changed a lot and it allows us to broadcast from almost anywhere. One of these days I'm going to pull over the radio station vehicle and set up shop to broadcast from someones Kool-Aid stand or charity car wash... it's something I've always wanted to do.

Great work, Kayla and Eli! The lemonade was delicious!


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