Over the weekend the Dubuque Museum of Art debuted 3 new exhibitions, and I had the opportunity to attend the opening reception. It got me thinking about our local talent and how great it is that our city has a platform for artists to share their work! If you haven't visited the museum in a while, or have yet to visit, this would be a great time to check it out. With an eclectic variety of works, there is sure to be something there that sparks your interest.

The opening reception was a treat! The lobby was equipped with a bar and a delicious food spread, making the environment friendly and inviting. Artists mingled and shared info on their works with viewers. It's not often you get first-hand details from the artist themself when visiting a museum, which made this a very insightful experience!


Although the opening reception is over, I still urge you to stop by DuMA. Bring a friend or the whole family and spark up a conversation on your favorite piece! Art is subjective, and it can be really interesting to hear how others respond. They may have some interesting ideas that you hadn't even thought of! The new exhibition will be displayed until October 31, so you've got plenty of time to visit. To see a complete list of artists involved visit dbqart.org.


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