After months of logistical planning and decision-making, one Wisconsin city will now have access to prompt, high-quality, and life-saving EMS services.

The Cuba City Council made the decision to contract with Southwest Health for EMS Services at their council meeting on Wednesday, March 29th.

Southwest Health EMS crews began providing services to the City of Cuba City, previously provided by the Cuba City Area Rescue Squad (CCARS), effective March 29, 2023.

Southwest Health had been in discussions with Cuba City for a number of months as a potential partner as many rural EMS teams have struggled to recruit and staff volunteers to run the service. Southwest Health and the EMS crew thank the Cuba City Area Rescue Squad (CCARS) for their commitment to high-quality care and service to their community.

Cuba City Mayor John Van De Wiel thanked the volunteers of CCARS when announcing the decision, per a press release:

It was a difficult decision; it took us months to assess the situation to ensure the citizens of Cuba City had quality EMS. The main reason we went with Southwest Health was the reliability of EMS now and in the future. We want to thank all the volunteers of CCARS who over the years have done an excellent job.

Photo Credit: MattGush, Digital Team
Photo Credit: MattGush, Digital Team

Southwest Health EMS will continue to run their crew from Southwest Health in Platteville. Southwest Health has two EMS crews staffed on duty 24/7, allowing for an en route time of approximately 90 seconds or less. This means crews can reach the patient in need and begin life-saving measures very quickly. Southwest Health EMS operates at a paramedic level, allowing them to administer advanced life support, including pain management, and perform life-saving cardiac arrest measures before the patient gets to the Emergency Room.

Southwest Health’s Director of EMS Brian Allen told Cuba City residents that they can count on Southwest Health EMS services being able to deliver and commit to the community of Cuba City:

We understand emergency medical care and its importance to the community. We want the residents of Cuba City to know that they will receive enhanced, high-quality care at the advanced life support level. We are ready to serve and look forward to working with the community members and organizations as the EMS provider for Cuba City and the surrounding area. We also thank Cuba City Area Rescue Squad members for the care they have provided over the years.

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Visit the EMS tab of Southwest Health's website here. Southwest Health is located at 1400 Eastside Rd in Platteville, WI.


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