Doubts are okay. Questions are welcome. Come as you are.

This is the motto of St. John's Episcopal Church in Dubuque. Led by Father Kevin Goodrich, St. John's doesn't care what race you are. They don't care if you have an Episcopalian background, or belong to another religion. They welcome devout believers and religious skeptics. Their doors are open to any and everyone. And this spring, they are diving into a litany of topics that are ubiquitous in headlines and social media alike.

Photo Credit: St. John's Episcopal Church
Photo Credit: St. John's Episcopal Church

Beginning April 7th, 2024, St. John's is launching their new sermon series. It's called "Faith in the Future." Father Kevin Goodrich stopped by the studio to chat about the sermon series. Every Sunday, through May 12th, Father Kevin will lead his congregation in a sermon about one of several topical subjects and how Christianity plays a role in each of them.

The sermon series schedule is as follows:

  • April 7th: Aliens
  • April 14th: Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • April 21st: Augmented Reality
  • April 28th: The Brain
  • May 5: Multidimensionality
  • May 12th: Time
Photo Credit: St. John's Episcopal Church
Photo Credit: St. John's Episcopal Church

As Father Kevin stated, science fiction is seemingly becoming a reality. Things that once existed exclusively in our imagination are now taking shape before our eyes. Father Kevin intends to provide guidance on the aforementioned topics and discuss how they relate to our every day lives, the Christian faith, and spirituality in a larger sense.

All of the sermons will take place on a Sunday and begin at 10am. You don't have to be a member of St. John's Episcopal Church to attend. Like their motto says, "come as you are."

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Take a listen to my interview with Father Kevin Goodrich below. Learn more about St. John's Episcopal Church on their website and/or their Facebook page.

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