It's not a surprise that of all 50 states in the country, Nevada's gambling revenue is more than 10x that of the runner-up. Las Vegas is the mecca of gambling, nightlife, and entertainment, but with legalized sports betting and casinos popping up all across America, you don't need to go to Sin City to place a wager.

In fact, some of America's biggest gamblers reside in the Hawkeye State, according to new research from The website looked at the gambling expenses of Americans across the country. They looked at the following factors in order to make their list:

Photo Credit: welcomia, Creative Services
Photo Credit: welcomia, Creative Services
  • Gambling revenue
  • Population of 18+ (legal age gamblers)
  • Expenditure per capita
  • Average income
  • Percentage of average income spent gambling

Iowans Love to Roll the Dice:

Below is the table showing the top five states based on the aforementioned statistics. Iowa brought in a whopping $1.93 billion in state gambling revenue last year, good enough for fourth on the list, only behind Nevada, Mississippi, and Louisiana, respectively.

RankStateState Gambling Revenue ($)Population +18Expenditure per capita ($)Average Income ($)% of Average Income Spent
5Rhode Island688,200,000886,783776.0692,4270.840%

Midwesterners By-and-Large Love to Gamble: also found that Midwesterners love to gamble quite a bit. Several Midwest states made it in the top half of the list. Here's their analysis of Midwestern gambling habits:

Heading over to the Midwest, we find Michigan and Indiana in the spotlight. Michigan boasts a substantial gambling revenue of $3.26 billion, whereas Indiana generates $2.89 billion. Surprisingly, although Indiana ranks higher in revenue, it has a lower per capita gambling expenditure ($531.15) compared to Michigan ($776.06). Both states' residents spend a similar percentage of their average income on gambling, with Indiana at 0.67% and Michigan at 0.51%.


In conclusion, the data reveals that Nevada is still the undeniable gambling capital of the United States, but America's gambling scene is as diverse as its landscape, with each state offering its unique experience to gamblers. States like Mississippi, Louisiana, and Rhode Island are also a big draw for people hoping to try their luck.

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Other Notable Takeaways:

  • As can be expected, Nevada blows every other US state out of the water due to it being the home of the Fabulous Las Vegas. Excluding the Silver State, Mississippi is home to America’s Biggest Gamblers with Mississippians spending on average 1.75% of their annual income on gambling in 2022.
  • Louisiana and Iowa follow in third and fourth place overall with their average annual gambling expenditure amounting to 0.993% and 0.979% of their annual incomes, respectively.
  • The state which spends the least amount of their income per year on gambling is Montana, with just 0.011% of their annual incomes being spent on gambling in 2022, followed closely by Nebraska with 0.012% and then Oregon with just 0.017%.

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Gambling Problems at Iowa State:

Hunter Dekkers at Iowa State. Photo Credit: Ron Jenkins, Getty Images
Hunter Dekkers at Iowa State. Photo Credit: Ron Jenkins, Getty Images

Earlier this week, the Iowa DCI found that four Iowa State student-athletes were found to have wagered on school athletics during their time at the University. Those involved included Iowa State quarterback Hunter Dekkers and current Denver Broncos defensive end Eyioma Uwazurike. You can read more about that story here.

View's full gambling study on their website here!

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