Over the last two weeks, I've bought popcorn from three different scouts to the tune of at least $60. I've gotten calls from other kids I know, but my wife said I'm out of control and can't buy anymore!

I heard from my buddy, Jace, who also wanted to know which treat I wanted.

Instead, I offered him a chance this morning to get on the air for our "Community Corner" so he could get one last plug in with our listeners in the hopes of selling a few more containers.

Jace checked in to tell us about popcorn sales through the Scouts this morning
Jace checked in to tell us about popcorn sales through the Scouts this morning.

Jace is only 8, but like a true salesman, he ran down the list of delicious treats available for purchase. They have buckets of kernels, microwave packages, cheese, chocolate, and caramel varieties.

The more the scouts sell, the bigger the 'prize' they get for their sales. Of course, the scouts also get a cut of the money to use towards their programs and events for the kids.

I figured there might be some listeners who don't actually see a scout, so I mentioned that Jace could give me his mom's phone number, so if someone called the studio I could give it to them so they could order. (That number is 563-542-9760.)

I called the Boy Scouts of America (Northeast Iowa Council) to ask if today was in fact the final day for sales. Nettie said it was for the scouts to sell, but you can still order through the providing company, Pecatonica River Popcorn on their website through December.

Do what you can to help support the local scouts!

~Chris Farber

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