I ventured down the Zillow path once again. Recently, I took a look at a mansion in Galena, IL on the market for $2 million. But when I saw that a nearly-$1 million home was available on one of Dubuque's most coveted streets, I knew I had to share what was beyond those walls.

Located at 940 Prince Phillip Drive, where some of Dubuque's most valuable homes rest, this spectacular custom home is located right off of the walking path of South Grandview. Nearby this 6,314-square foot palatial estate is the prestigious Dubuque Golf & Country Club. It's an incredible property that has an eye-catching modernist aesthetic.

Boasting five bedrooms, five bathrooms, and three garage spaces, this Prince Phillip property was built in 1990, which explains its contemporary façade. But inside, you'll find that the mansion bears some resemblance to a lot of older, Victorian homes that also populate the Dubuque community. It's an intriguing mix of modern and classic that makes this home stand out even more.

There has not been a home for sale on Prince Phillip Drive in four years. That should tell you something about how beloved and cherished this block is for its residents. Called a personal "Shangri-La" by the outgoing family, the home's list price is a heavy one: $895,000. Given the current housing market, you're probably looking at $1 million to secure the place.

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That said, it's almost guaranteed to have a fantastic ROI; it's in a safe neighborhood; and if you live a life of luxury, this place certainly compliments that lifestyle!


Look Inside a Mansion on One of Dubuque's Most Coveted Streets!

A home on Prince Phillip Drive in Dubuque is for sale. Peek inside to see all its swanky style!

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