Are you a school teacher or do you know someone that is? Could you use some extra supplies for the classroom this fall?

I love playing 'Toaster Trivia' every weekday morning at 7am. I get to eat some breakfast and my listeners have a chance to win great prizes.

I appreciate all the moms and dads that tune us in and try to play with their kids every morning on the way to school and I'm excited to be bringing back our 'bonus' trivia very soon.

With schools heading back, I thought next week would be a great time to give a little something back to all the teachers in the Tristates.

First, all my questions will be "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader" questions. After we do our normal first round, I'll be soliciting local teachers for my second round of trivia each morning. If you are an educator in the area I want to give you a chance to play a round, too. If you win, I'll hook you up with a goodie bag of school supplies for your classroom this fall. (They're each valued at over $50!)

Interested in playing? Fill out the form below and I may be in touch with you to play!

I appreciate all the time and energy teachers in the Tristates give to our children! You are appreciated!

~Chris Farber

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