I stopped to drop something off for my dad a few days ago and couldn't believe what I saw.

I've seen some interesting paint jobs on cars, unique pinstripes and unusual wraps.

But this design? I'd have to say it's definitely a first for me.

I have a lot of burning questions. Bigfoot is posed rather seductively... does he have some kind of special relationship with the racoon? Is he using the racoon to shield us from seeing his body in all its glory? Is the racoon being held against it's will? Should I notify the authorities? Is this a failed advertising campaign for Jack Link's Beef Jerky?

I hope it doesn't give you nightmares, but it's probably something that you've never seen before, either.

Here are some of the 'best of' Jack Link's commercials for your enjoyment.

Dang. Now I'm hungry for some beef jerky!

~Chris Farber



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