It's the day of the year where you're on your toes. Or at least you should be. April Fools' Day comes but once a year, and some people go to the great lengths of plotting an elaborate prank well-ahead of the day.

I've never been much of a prankster. It's simply not in my nature. The most I do every year is a small one on my friends. The real fun was going to school on the first of April and waiting to see what one or more gutsy students were going to pull off. One year, a group of seniors at my high school sprayed Silly String all over the halls. That was a good day.

Although channeling my inner-Bart Simpson was never something I did on a regular basis, there was one year I pulled a gem of a prank on my mother. It was a small one, to be fair, but a fun one no less.

I was 13-years-old. I think I got the idea from a YouTube video. We had a showerhead that came off very easily at the time. I snatched a pouch of red Kool-Aid from the pantry and put the powder in the showerhead before screwing it back on.

About an hour later, my mom went upstairs for her evening shower. She turned on the water and, to her surprise, it looked as if blood was raining down. I can still vividly hear her shriek in my head!

It was so simple and innocent that it worked flawlessly.

My mother and I had a special relationship, so we both had a good laugh about it after the fact. She thought somehow the water supply was contaminated, ala something straight out of the movie Cabin Fever. The nice part about this prank was that eventually, once the water had cleaned out the Kool-Aid powder from the nozzle, it just washed the red on the tub right off.

Although some red spots on the shower curtain remained for a few days as belated reminder of my prank.

There's a general rule when it comes to April Fools' Day pranks that you keep them innocent and light-hearted. Let this be your friendly reminder. No fake pregnancy announcements allowed today (or any other day, for that matter).

Keep your head on a swivel, and maybe, if you're feeling froggy, pick up a Kool-Aid packet on your way home from work!

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