A few weeks ago I asked you what your favorite Tristate burger is. I had a slew of comments and have officially set the bracket.

First, thanks to everyone for taking the time to tell me their favorite burgers.

I penciled each suggested burger and added hashmarks for each additional vote until I came out with my list of 'top burgers.' Most I've had, but there are a few on the list that I'm actually eager to try.

A few people told me about the Durango Depot, and I've never heard of Bubba's or AJ's Meat Shack.

The top votes included the Dubuque Mining Company, West Dubuque Tap, Foodies Garage Eatery and Knickers.

Over the next few weeks me and my son are going to make our way around to each burger. We'll be sure to take pics and give you an honest review of each burger, before moving one forward in our tournament to award the "Far-burger Award."

Full disclosure... I'm not being paid to endorse or include any burger or eatery... this is just something I am doing with the input of my listeners and readers!

For curiosity reasons, I'm also going to keep a running total of what I spend so I can see what this adventure is going to cost me!

I will keep you posted with future articles... I can't wait to award what I think is the Tristates best burger!

~Chris Farber


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