We're all eager to get back to our old life... you know, pre-pandemic. One of the things I miss most is sitting down and enjoying a meal with my whole family.

Me and my wife were discussing this last night and at the same time said "remember the ugly Mickey Mouse pancake?"

We both laughed.

I won't say the restaurant where it happened as they always have great food and service.

BUT... when you order a Mickey Mouse pancake you probably have some expectations as to what you're gonna get, right? A big center pancake with two smaller, round pancake ears. Maybe some chocolate chip eyes and a bacon mouth?

Not this time. Take a look!

Mickey Mouse Pancake?

Disturbing, yes. Delicious? Well... according to my son, Jacob, it was very good and he cleaned his plate.

We still laugh about this breakfast.

Man... I sure do miss morning laughs like this with my family.

~Chris Farber