I think I'm slowly turning into my father.

I remember living at home and my dad parading around the house endlessly complaining.

"Pick up your stuff! Turn off the lights! Do your dishes!"

Man, what a nag!

Now that I'm into my 40s and with a son of my own, my eyes are finally open to the struggle that is being a dad.

Over the last few months, I've noticed something else that seems to easily agitate me. Every time my wife or son gets something from the cupboards, they always leave the door open.

I understand if at first, your reaction is that I'm overreacting. Unfortunately, it seems to be EVERY TIME I walk through the kitchen. And it's not just one door... it's ALL OF THEM!

When I get out a plate or cup, or maybe I'm pulling down a bag of chips for lunch, I take the item I'm looking for and then shut the cupboard door. It's not difficult, right?

More cabinets found hanging open.
More cabinets found hanging open.

Every morning I walk through the kitchen and close each door as I pass by. Sometimes I even find the dishwasher door left open, by tripping over it at 5 in the morning on my way to the shower.

If I don't sound like a full-on dad yet, I'm also using the "turn off the lights... we don't own a power company" line quite a bit, too!

I feel like the cupboard door thing might be the girls response to their guys that leave the toilet seat up.

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