Remember being a kid? Not a care in the world, right? There was one thing that we used to love that infuriates most dads.

I know by today's standard it's a gender stereotyping, but growing up in my family it seemed like mom always cooked dinner and dad always took care of the lawn.

Pops would spend that hour or two every week going over the lawn with his mower, trimming with his edger and doing clean up with his weed wacker. He took pride in the way his lawn looked, so nothing got him madder than on the first hot day when we'd pull out the kiddie pool... or worse yet, the Slip N' Slide.

We grew up in a neighborhood of kids, so when someone in the area pulled theirs out, it was open season. Everyone would run to their mom and dad to ask permission to throw on their trunks and take part in the fun.

I'm sure most parents didn't care... as long as it wasn't their lawn!

After about three hours of kids sliding down your hill, you'd inevitably leave that giant Slip N' Slide skid mark in the middle of the lawn.

Slip N Slide

If it didn't kill all the grass under the slide, all the water runoff would cause the grass to grow unevenly with a big dead patch down the middle over the next week.

I know my dad used to cringe at the sight of us kids piling down his hillside... without a care in the world.

Ah, yes. The good 'ol days!

~Chris Farber




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