I know for some people, as soon as the calendar displays November 1st, they bust out the Christmas tree, all the decorations, and begin binging holiday movies. Whether it's the "25 Days of Christmas" marathon on Freeform (real ones remember ABC Family), or the seemingly endless lineup of Hallmark Channel movies, Christmas movies exist in eye-popping numbers.

But one Hallmark holiday offering should standout from the crowd in the eyes of Iowans. It takes place in a small Iowa town of Homestead, IA.

The tiny town of barely 150 people is the titular setting of Christmas in Homestead, a Hallmark Christmas movie from 2016, which is available to rent on various platforms. It's also a part of Hallmark Channel's Christmas movie lineup this holiday season.

Starring Taylor Cole and Michael Rady, here's the film's plot, per the Hallmark Channel website:

One of the most famous actresses in the world heads to the Christmas-obsessed town of Homestead, Iowa, to shoot a holiday-themed movie. She is thrown for a loop when a romance brews between her and local inn keeper and single dad, Matt. As she gets a taste of small-town life, she discovers the true meaning of Christmas.

Photo Credit: Hallmark Channel, YouTube
Photo Credit: Hallmark Channel, YouTube

Despite being released in 2016, the film received newfound attention thanks to an article published by the (fantastic) website "Only in Iowa," which looks at places and facts exclusive to the Hawkeye State. The website notes how, during the wintertime, Iowa's Amana Colonies look like they were ripped right from a Hallmark movie. The spirit was definitely in place for a movie like Christmas in Homestead.

Unfortunately, however, the film was not shot in Homestead. The website "The Pioneer Woman" clarifies the project was actually shot in Dahlonega, Georgia, likely due to more resources, locations, and perhaps tax credits. It reminds me when my homeland of Downers Grove, IL was the subject of a thriller in 2014, only for the movie itself to be filmed in California, a massive disappointment for locals.

No less, if you're looking for a Christmas movie that still has some local spirit inside of it, Christmas in Homestead would make an ideal candidate. The film is available to rent on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, and several other streaming platforms. You can also look at the Hallmark Channel schedule for other holiday movies this and next month!

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