You can ask people what the most important meal of the day, but I'm sure a lot of people would choose coffee over breakfast if faced with an either-or scenario. Most people cannot function without clutching one or two cups every single morning. No matter the volume of coffeeshops in any given neighborhood, most can coexistence and many can thrive.

Just ask the owner of Wayfarer Coffee. According to Telegraph Herald and Biz Times, owner Darin Shireman is planning on expanding the popular Dubuque coffeeshop to 2278 Asbury Road. That will be the site of "Wayfarer Coffee West," which is obviously geared towards serving customers on the west end of town.

The Backstory:

Shireman worked at various coffee businesses before acquiring the location at 955 Washington Street in Dubuque. He changed the name from "Inspire Café" to "Wayfarer Coffee," and since then, he's been thirsty for more growth. The goal is to build a small, local chain in Dubuque and the Tri-States as a whole.

Just like he did with the Washington Street location, Shireman is acquiring a location that was home to a previous coffeeshop. The Asbury address housed One Mean Bean, which closed last year. When opportunity knocked, he knew he had to jump on it, as he told the TH.

A "full face-lift" of the space is planned, including redoing the flooring, repainting the interior/exterior, and installing new lighting.

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One Big Change is Coming:

The big difference between the Washington Street and planned-Asbury Road location is that Wayfarer Coffee West will have a full not have a commercial kitchen. Despite this, the shop will offer a fresh array of grab-and-go food items prepared at the downtown location.

All the coffee products Wayfarer sells are roasted at a facility in Dubuque, located on Cedar Cross Court.

Photo Credit: Mike Kenneally, Unsplash
Photo Credit: Mike Kenneally, Unsplash

Stay Up-To-Date with Wayfarer Coffee West:

For more details on Wayfarer Coffee West's construction, and a grand opening down the road, visit the company's Facebook page.

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