There are a lot of strange videos on TikTok, especially when it comes to videos about specific hallmarks of certain cities and states. This week, during my mindless scrolling on the hugely popular app, I stumbled upon one relevant to the state of Iowa. And I couldn't not share it!

TikTok user @stateofiowa (disclosure: the video was reuploaded by TikTok user @itsnicstick) decided to rate Iowa cities by their smell. The funky video is actually quite entertaining, as he rates a given city's smell on a scale of 1-10 and then provides a brief explanation.


The following cities are rated: Davenport, Iowa City, Clinton, Cedar Rapids, Bettendorf, and Des Moines. While it's a little disappointing Dubuque didn't make the list, for better or for worse, there's still some fun comedy and even a couple slights to popular Iowa cities.

Of all the cities listed, Cedar Rapids' scent got a lowly 0/10 with the only description being "indescribable." If that's not a diss, I don't know what is. Bettendorf's smell ranked high at 9/10. The caption for Bettendorf reads: "smells like Bath & Body Works candles and stacks of cash." The photo for the town that's displayed certainly suggests the latter part of that statement is true!

People will rank and review just about anything on TikTok. This video seriously had me mulling over what Dubuque's smell would be. Judging by the TikToker's sense of humor, he would probably give it a 5/10 and say it smells like libraries and old history books given that Dubuque is indeed Iowa's oldest city.

Comments on the video suggest the TikToker is on the right track with many of his picks. The top comment? "Cedar Rapids literally is indescribable," with nearly 2,000 likes. In divisive times, it's good we can all agree on something!

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