I think most Tristaters have already done their spring cleaning, but there's one other spot in the house you should probably tidy up, too!

The freezer. Or the deep freezer. Whichever one you have at your home.

It's pretty common to visit the store and pile the new stuff on top of the old, but from time to time you have to cycle out the stuff on the bottom.

Case in point. Cleaning out the freezer over the weekend to fill up the freezer with grillin' goodies for this summer, I came across a pile of what I'll just call classic grocery items.

We had a box of push-ups that looked like they were freeze dried for an astronauts trip to space. We also found a box of meat for Philly steak sandwiches that were a little bit outdated.

Ok, there were a lot of bit outdated. In fact, as you can see from the photo above they were 'best if used by November of 2005.

I asked my wife how long something like that lasted in the freezer.

"Not that long."

According to the FOOD SAFETY WEBSITE:

The guidelines for freezer storage are for quality only - frozen foods stored continuously at zero degrees or below can be kept indefinitely.

Unfortunately, freezer burn is always a foe to any frozen item and our freezer isn't set below zero... so in the trash it goes.

How you ever found a frozen treasure in your freezer? What's the oldest thing you've ever found?

~Chris Farber

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