The obstacles veterans face with trying to find employment opportunities are well-documented. There's a new organization in Dubuque actively trying to combat these hurdles and provide a safe-space each month for veterans to congregate with fellow heroes and their families, and provide them with gainful employment.

That organization is the Tri-States Veterans Network, a relatively new operation in Dubuque that is predicated on welcoming veterans and their families with open arms. Once a month, the network hosts casual meetings at local establishments around the area. These events are open to veterans and their families. The new venue each month provides a place to connect both with employers about employment opportunities and with fellow veterans to share knowledge about services and opportunities, per their Facebook page.

Jonathan Eggers, one of the founders of the Tri-States Veterans Network, stopped by the studio to chat about the upcoming meeting at Gary Dolphin's Iron Bar in Dubuque's Historic Millwork District. Also in studio was U.S. Air Force Veteran Dany Lynn of Tucker Freight, a recent partner with the network with a number of employment opportunities for veterans.

The organization's next meeting is Thursday, June 13th at 5:30pm at Gary Dolphin's Iron Bar. These meetings are relaxed in nature, providing a place for local heroes to congregate. Twofold in nature, several area businesses have tables set up at these meetings for veterans seeking full or part-time employment.

Also available are resources for veterans seeking treatment, help with building a quality resume, and more!

Dany Lynn also noted how Tucker Freight has launched an initiative to hire veterans, in turn recognizing the skills, dedication, and values they harbor that can help them and their business succeed.

Find out more information about the Tri-States Veterans Network on their Facebook page, and learn more about their upcoming June meeting on the event's Facebook page too! Take a listen to my interview with Jonathan Eggers and Dany Lynn below!

Also learn how you can help support Dubuque's Veterans Freedom Center all month long via Kwik Stop.

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