Will we be seeing a sequel to John Singleton's 2001 film Baby Boy? It's possible, based on an Instagram post by Tyrese, the star of the movie.

"Sequel to Baby Boy coming soon," he wrote next to a clip of the film playing in the background. "#BabyBoyComingOfAge. Shout to @johnsingleton."

Whether a part two of Baby Boy is merely a wish of Tyrese's or whether things are already in the works remains to be seen. It's safe to assume, however, that the movie would do huge numbers, especially now that Tyrese and his co-star Taraji P. Henson are much bigger names.

Plus, although it would be a lengthy title, Baby Boy Coming Of Age could work, since it would give viewers an idea of what the sequel would entail. The original story follows Tyrese's character Jody, a 20-year-old dad, who constantly gets into it with his baby's mother (Henson) and her street tough ex-boyfriend Rodney, played by Snoop Dogg.

If there is a sequel, it would be interesting to see what ever became of Jody and Henson's character and what their offspring is like. But regardless of the story line, older folks will probably flock to the theater upon the movie's release, and the younger ones will probably hit the theaters hard as well.

You can check out Tyrese's post up top.

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