One quietly depressing realization is the fact that all fast food restaurants look the same these days. McDonald's has traded red/yellow décor and their once-ubiquitous playpens for a sleeker, modern aesthetic that somehow brings all the blandest colors on the color wheel together. Even once-colorful and vibrant Wendy's have that same look and feel.

Remember when fast food restaurants used to look fun and have personality in their aesthetic? You might be reminded of that time when you stop at one McDonald's in Iowa, which hasn't lost its pizazz nor its originality despite years of other restaurants undergoing extensive changes and remodels.

Photo Credit: Google Maps
Photo Credit: Google Maps

This McDonald's in Coralville, IA is one defined by a lot of the hallmarks of McDonald's-gone-past. It's filled with quirky memorabilia, and serves as a destination for motorists both hungry and curious.

The website "Only in Your State" did a profile on it and noted that it's a McDonald's location that prominently incorporates its golden arches into its exterior aesthetic. Furthermore, the inside has several eye-catching points of interest too.

The dining area celebrates the history of travel, with motorcycle and car memorabilia, a Statue of Liberty statue in the middle of the dining room, and other various tributes to the Hollywood sign, Mount Rushmore, and more!

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Only in Your State reveals that the reason this McDonald's make travel and destinations a focal point of the establishment is because of Coralville's history of rail transit in the Midwest. The managers both past and present have kept the travel theme going in the restaurant for years.

Again, this location also reminds people how much more fun and colorful fast food restaurants used to be when they embraced their image as a place where people can congregate. In this case, you can't find another restaurant that has this kind of a spin on a conventional McDonald's. The burgers and fries might be the same, but the in-restaurant flavor is markedly different.

Take a look inside this McDonald's in Coralville, IA (located at 2794 Commerce Drive) on Only in Your State's website.

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