This morning we feature our latest installment of "Wake Up: Unplugged."  Stay tuned and you'll meet John White... better known in the local clubs as "DJ Double J."

John is originally from Potosi, Wisconsin and got his start through his families love of music.

After attending some teen dances in his youth, John was inspired to practice mixing music and learned his craft from his mentor DJ Rozz.

While 'Double J' doesn't create his own original music, his mixes are creative and fun.

You'll see 'DJ Double J' mixing music every Thursday night (and some Friday and Saturdays) at Skinny Maginny's at 123 Main Street in downtown Dubuque.

He also appears regularly at The Otherside in East Dubuque and has even started dabbling mixing music at wedding receptions.

Stay tuned and meet 'DJ Double J' in just a bit on Y105.


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