Y105 Wake Up: Unplugged this morning features local group Grit & Glory!

Caitlyn and Noah from the group are stopping in to chat about their group this morning.

The group is made up of Caitlyn Wolfe on lead vocals, Jake Pfohl on guitar and vocals,  Noah Kachelski on guitar and bass and Carter Albrecht on percussion.

The band first came together at the University of Dubuque when Carter, Noah, and Kondwani met in the college jazz ensemble.  After performing for 3 years Grit & Glory was formed!  The group met Jake while performing in WJOD's Next Big Star Competition in 2014.  In 2016, the band met Caitlyn Wolfe who fit the band perfectly as the lead singer, and the rest is history!

Grit & Glory cover a variety of different genres including country, pop, rock...etc.

To learn more about them visit their official INSTAGRAM account or FACEBOOK.

Grit & Glory will be playing the Mississippi Moon Bar at the Diamond Jo Casino next Thursday night at 7pm, too!

Meet Grit & Glory this morning on the Y105 Wake Up!

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