Later this morning we host our latest installment of Wake Up: Unplugged, featuring the music of The Joie Wails Band!

Joie has been no stranger to the tristate music scene for quite some time.  This morning she'll drop by the studio to tell us about her experiences and share a taste of her vocal work with our listeners.

The Joie Wails Band is made up of Joie Booth, Chad Robbins, Mark Whitaker and Greg McMahon.

They are from Dubuque and bring a high energy, emotional and musical experience to every audience they play for.

The band will be rocking the Mississippi Moon Bar tonight, cover charge free at 8pm.  Joie will tell us more about upcoming performances when she visits today, or you can visit the bands official WEBSITE or FACEBOOK page.

Stay tuned after 8am for Wake Up: Unplugged on Y105!


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