With guns routinely being a hot-button debate in America as a whole, it's important not only to practice gun safety, but also take a look at what weapons and firearms are not allowed, specifically in the state of Iowa.

I sued the website Find Law to help better understand Iowa's gun control laws and policies. This site is a one-stop location not only for knowledge on the most up-to-date gun control laws in the state of Iowa, but also a good primer on what weapons are simply not prohibited for private use/ownership.

But first, let's look at how gun control in Iowa significantly changed in 2021...

Photo Credit: steverts
Photo Credit: steverts

What is "Permitless Carry in Iowa?:"

Per Find Law, in 2021, Iowa enacted several new gun control laws, particularly a "permitless carry" law. As a result, the permit application citizens originally made to acquire a firearm became optional, which meant that gun sales occurring between private individuals no longer needed a background check.

Furthermore, permitless carry allows law-abiding individuals to carry a loaded firearm on their person, either open or concealed, in public. However, the presence of a firearm is still illegal in these specific areas in Iowa:

  • Within 1,000 feet of the grounds of a public or private elementary or secondary school or park (weapons-free zones)
  • School buses
  • Casinos
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Under federal law, individuals cannot bring firearms to these locations:

  • Post offices and their parking lots
  • Federal facilities
  • IRS offices
  • Federal courthouses
  • Airports (secure areas)
  • Ranger stations
  • Federal buildings in federal parks
Photo Credit: Stefan Malloch
Photo Credit: Stefan Malloch

What Weapons are Illegal to Own in Iowa?:

Per Find Law, it is illegal for a private citizen to own any of these weapons:

  • Machine guns
  • Short-barreled rifles or shotguns
  • Any weapon other than a shotgun or muzzle-loading rifle, cannon, pistol, revolver, or musket, which fires or can be made to fire a projectile by the explosion of a propellant charge which has a barrel of more than six-tenths of an inch in diameter
  • Any bullet containing any explosive mixture capable of exploding upon impact
  • Suppressors (silencers)

Who Cannot Own Guns in Iowa?:

You cannot own a gun in Iowa if you:

  • Have a felony conviction
  • Are an adjudicated delinquent for a crime that would be a felony if it was committed by an adult
  • Handgun: Are under 21 years old (with exceptions)
  • Have a misdemeanor domestic violence conviction or are subject to a domestic violence protective order

For up-to-date information on gun laws in Iowa, as well as the minutiae of understanding current gun control laws in the state, visit Find Law's website.

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