This is just a general musing that I noticed this week at my dentist's office.

I don't know if it's a common thing or just a coincidence, but what's the connection between dentists and trains?

In the last few years my family has relocated to a really nice neighborhood in East Dubuque. We had been making the drive to our usual office in Dubuque, but with the gap during the pandemic we thought it might be time to find something a little closer to our home.

We found Dr. Brad and his crew at Weimerskirch Family Dental and they're super nice people. (Shout out to Sue and Connie, too!)

While we were sitting in the waiting room this week I looked up and noticed a train track circling the lobby with a big train set on the tracks. Does it run? I'm not sure.

I only found this strange as it seems to me this is the third dental office in my life that I've visited for appointments that has train stuff.

Is this a kid thing? Like something for kids to look at while they're in the office? Or is it possible that many dentists secretly hope to get a career as an engineer but fail out and become teeth experts instead?

"Sorry, bud. You didn't pass your train driver test. Here's a metal hook... how about you try cleaning teeth?"

But seriously... what's the connection between dentists and trains?

~Chris Farber

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