I've seen a lot of people complaining on social media about their neighbors shooting off fireworks and being a nuisance. So what is the policy on fireworks in the City of Dubuque?This morning I chatted with Lieutenant Ted McClimon, Crime Prevention & Public Information Officer for the Dubuque Police Department.

He said that there is an ordinance in the city of Dubuque prohibiting the discharging of fireworks.

You can buy them... you can possess them... you just can't shoot them off!

Lieutenant said some of the biggest complaints received by the police department include reports of people shooting off their fireworks very late at night, waking up residents, their kids and disturbing pets.

Some folks have PTSD or anxiety issues. Some have children with autism. Other people find their pets being scared and barking, which just adds to the noise!

If you are reported and the police respond, the officers will have discretion on each individual case. The Dubuque Police aren't 'fun haters,' so chances are you'll start off with a warning.

But... the police also don't want repeat offenders. You should be respectful of your neighbors and other community members... so if you're being a pest you could end up with a $250 fine.

If you're having trouble with a neighbor, start by opening the window. "Hey, would you mind keeping it down?"

Sometimes it's that easy. If not, the police will be there to help.

Here is the city's official press release regarding fireworks:

June 24, 2020 -- For Immediate Release

DUBUQUE, Iowa – The City of Dubuque is reminding residents that the use of consumer fireworks is prohibited within the city.Under current City Code, the discharge/use of “consumer fireworks” remains prohibited in Dubuque. Consumer fireworks typically have packaging stating “Consumer Fireworks, 1.4G, UN0336.” The City of Dubuque continues to allow the use of “novelty fireworks” such as party poppers, snappers, drop pops, snakes, and some sparklers. Novelty fireworks may not have more than 0.25 grains of explosive mixture and must state on their packaging “not subject to D.O.T. Hazardous Materials Regulations.”Iowa legislation signed into law in 2017 legalized the sale and use of fireworks during limited dates – unless a city or county chooses to otherwise restrict or prohibit usage of fireworks, which the City of Dubuque did in 2017.

Any violation of the City’s ordinance limiting or prohibiting fireworks constitutes a simple misdemeanor with a fine no less than $250. Residents who wish to report illegal firework should call the non-emergency dispatch number, 563-589-4415. For additional information on fireworks in Dubuque, please contact Dubuque Fire Marshal Mark Burkle at 563-589-4161 or email mburkle@cityofdubuque.org.

If you'd like to hear my chat with Officer McClimon, click below!




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