Our son, Jacob, is at that perfect age of 8.  Little teeth are coming out and bigger teeth are coming in.

Yesterday it couldn't have happened at a better time... in the middle of breakfast at Sunshine Family Restaurant on JFK Road.

Jacob had been wiggling it off and on all morning and he had it all ready to go as I was just biting in to my eggs.

Handing me his tooth, Jacob started to dab at the fresh blood with his clean, white napkin.

Blood everywhere, even the waitress seemed a little panicked when she came back to the booth.

"I'll get some extra napkins" she said making a near-sprint from our table.

When I was a kid, the tooth fairy used to bring me fifty cents a tooth.  Usually it was a big, round half-dollar.

So yeah, time has passed... you gotta factor in the tooth fairy's travel time and expenses... inflation, etc., etc..

Last night Jacob got $2.50 for that little tooth!

I'm just curious... what's the tooth fairy paying out at your house?  What did you get as a kid for a tooth?


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