Over the weekend I was with a few buddies and we were talking about our shared excitement for the new Sopranos movie that's coming out in October.

While we were all spouting off our favorite lines from the television show and sharing our favorite mob clichés, someone made reference to the old idiom about getting something free because it "fell off the back of a truck." Our conversation quickly turned to what our 'hook up' has been in life.

I made reference to my dad owning a produce company, "Farber Fruit Company," so as kids we always had fresh, delicious produce to enjoy. In our youth our house was full of the freshest corn, apples, tomatoes and watermelons... something I really miss these days.

One of my buddies said his dad worked with a guy that had access to a postage machine, so his entire life he had given his dad his mail to send out, so he wouldn't have to pay postage.

Another guy said his best friend ran the local movie theater, so he never paid.

Of course working for the radio station has given me many opportunities for free concert tickets and CDs (back when that was a thing), but it got me wondering... what's been your 'hook up' in life?

Everybody's got something, right? Let me know what yours was.

~Chris Farber

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