After browsing some of the highest-rated and most delicious burger joints in Iowa, I decided to pivot to our friends up north in Wisconsin. With the help of the website Only in Your State, I was able to find a plethora of delicious burger joints in the state of Wisconsin.

Here's a breakdown of five that stood out to me, and clearly leave a lasting craving for people who are looking for a delicious sandwich for lunch or dinner.

Pete's Hamburger Stand in Prairie du Chien, WI:

There's something eternally charming about getting food from a stand, be it a truck or a full-blown pop-up-shop-style stand. Pete's Hamburger Stand has been dazzling customers in Prairie Du Chien since 1909. Pete's has kept its burger recipe simple (and unchanged), frying the patties with water and onions.

As far as toppings are concerned, you can opt to pile your burger high with lettuce, cheese, and other assortment of toppings. You need to know the linger, though. You'll have a choice of "with" or "without" when ordering your burger, in reference to whether or not you want onions on your sandwich. Sautéed onions can compliment my burger any day.

Read more about Pete's Hamburger Stand on their Facebook page.

Dotty Dumpling's Dowry in Madison, WI:

Dotty Dumpling's Dowry opened in Madison in 1974, and has since been going strong. Its quirky name lures in new customers and has made longtime residents regulars at the establishment.

It's not too far from University of Wisconsin-Madison, so it's a hotspot for college students. The burgers at Dotty Dumpling's are thick and juicy, and being that this is Wisconsin, they pair well with a side of cheese curds. It's also an ideal place to watch the Badgers, Packers, or your favorite Wisconsin sports team on game day.

Read more about Dotty Dumpling's Dowry on their Facebook page.

Wedl's Hamburger Stand in Jefferson, WI:

In the heart of the small town of Jefferson, WI (population 8,000) lies another irresistible hamburger stand that's been serving up burgers for decades. It's Wedl's Hamburger Stand. It dates back to 1916, and after over 100 years, it remains a reliable spot for burgers, hot dogs, cheese curds, and more.

The hamburgers are made with freshly ground beef plus a special homemade seasoning.

Important note: all the burgers are served well-done with raw or fried onions at no extra cost. The "well done" element might scare some folks, but a business, particularly a restaurant, doesn't last more than 100 years without doing something right. Being that Wedl's prides themselves on freshness, their ingredients are locally sourced, from their burger patties to the cheese that they use. For dessert, there's the Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream parlor next door!

Read more about Wedl's Hamburger Stand on their Facebook page.

Oscar's Pub & Grill in Milwaukee, WI:

For a more modern and upscale dining and burger experience, many say you can't go wrong with Oscar's Pub & Grill in Milwaukee.

This is a popular place that gets a lot of praise online for its Big O Burger, a sandwich boasting chorizo, bacon, and a couple different types of cheese (in true Wisconsin fashion). With a number of craft and larger, domestic beer brands to wash it down, Oscar's has become a Milwaukee staple for hungry locals and tourists alike.

Read more about Oscar's Pub & Grill on their Facebook page.

Graze in Madison, WI:

Rachel Ray once said Graze in Madison served "the best burger in America." That's high praise, but it seems to fit this unique "Farmers' Market Stand" restaurant, which takes on the appearance of a greenhouse with its very modern glass exterior.

Graze boasts an intoxicating view of downtown Madison while giving its customers a premier dining experience.

The food at Graze is inspired by the New York gastropub scene, so it's pub food with an upscale twist. It's a place that manages to cater effectively to critics, foodies, chefs, and maybe most importantly, anyone looking for a delicious meal. Graze also serves up weekly specials, such as Friday fish fries.

Read more about Graze on their Facebook page.

Learn about other delicious burger joints all throughout Wisconsin on Only in Your State's website.

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