It doesn't matter what direction I go when I leave the radio station... I always come to a four way stop.

Inevitably when it's my turn to proceed I look around and see the other three drivers, as we look at each other, trying to decide whose turn it is to go next.

So what's the rule of thumb when it comes to moving through the intersection?

In the United States, each state and territory has its own traffic code, although most rules of the road are uniform across the country.

On the national level, the rules of the road were first established in 1966 with the federal Highway Safety Act. These were standard rules that would apply consistency regarding the interpretation of standard signs, signals, and markings... such as what to do when approaching a stop sign, or the driving requirements imposed by a double yellow line on the street or highway.

If it's a time of the day when traffic is slow and you're the first person to pull up, you go first.

If cars are approaching at a different time, they should still proceed in the order they arrive.

If two cars arrive at the same time, right of way depends on which direction a vehicle is moving though the intersection. If someone is turning they would yield to a vehicle going straight through. Typically the right away of way goes to the person on the right.

Hopefully that helps and now you don't have to question yourself and others when you pull up to the stop sign.

Be safe out there!

~Chris Farber

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