Every year I try to travel to a different city to see a major league ball park. During my travels me and my friends always try to hit a spot from 'Diners Drive-Ins and Dives.'

We've had pastas, eggs, tacos and more. The best, though? That's gotta be a burger. Inevitably our conversation always turns to 'who's got the best?'

Of course there are a million great chain restaurant burgers that offer you a tasty sandwich with consistency. Then you have your local 'mom and pops' type places that you love to hit, but you only found out about it by stumbling in or having a friend recommend it to you.

My son, Jacob, has become a hamburger aficionado. Often times we'll try a new place and he'll inform me that he's adding a hamburger to his 'list.'

Jacob enjoying a hamburger at the 19th Hole in East Dubuque
Jacob enjoying a hamburger at the 19th Hole in East Dubuque

Of course it changes from time to time, but for the most part, he has his list of favorites.

We've been talking about doing this for quite some time, but we thought it would be fun to ask the question, "who has the best burger in town?"

Unfortunately, I have nothing to give any possible winner of a best-burger contest, other than bragging rights. I suggested we call it a 'Farber-ger' award.

So that's where I need your help. I'd like to build a bracket and work my way through your favorites in the hope of finding the best cheeseburger in the Tristates. Let me know your favs and I'll take the top 16 suggestions and put them in my bracket for consideration.

Maybe I can invite the winner into the studio for the morning show to talk about their burger and what makes it so good.

Drop me a comment on our Facebook post, or shoot me an email directly at chris.farber@townsquaremedia.com!

It's the first ever 'Farber-ger Awards!' Help me find a winner!

~Chris Farber


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