The Tristates got hit with a one-two punch last week! So we're teaming up with Remote Start & Stereo for another "Last Shall Be First" giveaway!

Winter sucks! Especially if you don't have a garage to keep your vehicle clean and warm.

Our friends at Remote Start & Stereo can hook you up with a remote start for your ride.

In fact, they gave us one to give away to one lucky winner! Imagine it... a warm car on a cold morning! In the summer... it's a cool car on a hot day!

So here's the catch. You have to comment on our post on the Y105 Facebook page and be the LAST person to comment when we stop at a predetermined time. So comment... a lot! You don't know when we'll stop, but you don't want to be left out in the cold without our car starter, valued at $285!

When will the contest end
When will the contest end?

We'll let you see the exact time we're stopping when the contest ends... sometime later this week!

If you're interested in getting a new remote start in your ride, call Remote Start & Stereo at 563-543-2894 today!

Good luck!

~ Chris Farber / Y105

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