At sporting events, midgame entertainment is, more often than not, exactly what it is: entertainment. Watching kids play a fun knockerball match or see some folks your parents' age try and shoot a puck into a goal provide fun laughs between the action. But every now and then, one of these mid-game distractions becomes the stuff of movies.

That's what happened to Germell Scott Sr, a Milwaukee father of three, who was at the Milwaukee Bucks game with his seven-year-old son, Germell Jr. Scott's son has sickle cell anemia, which causes a person's red blood cells to contort, limiting the supply of healthy cells in the body.

On November 21st, Germell Jr. was being honored by the MACC Fund (Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer) when an employee at the Bucks game asked Germell Sr. if he'd like to try the "jackpot shot" for a chance at $10,000. He hadn't picked up a basketball since 2015, but decided to try and put on a show for his son, who was already having the time of his life!

Photo Credit: WISN 12 News, YouTube
Photo Credit: WISN 12 News, YouTube

Scott exceeded even his own expectations. He successfully made a layup, a free throw, a three-point shot, and then landed the money-shot: an attempt from half-court that would've only been prettier if ended in a swish. That basket landed him $10,000.

"He'll have a nice Christmas," Germell Sr. told WISN 12 News about his son, following the miraculous shot that won him the five-figure jackpot. Between that and seeing his son's glowing smile on the Jumbotron during the game, he couldn't have asked for a better night out. The Milwaukee Bucks even beat the Portland Trail Blazers that evening, 119-111.

The heartwarming story has been making its rounds throughout social media and various Wisconsin news outlets. You can read more about Germell Scott Sr.'s prize-winning shot on WISN's website!

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