Sometimes a day trip doesn't need to be anything more than your family spending a day together, running errands and, of course, eating a good meal. My wife, daughter and I went to Madison, WI for the day on Saturday so my wife could buy scrubs for a new job she started yesterday (Monday). After hitting up the scrubs store for 45 minutes, we went out to lunch at Graze.

The food was outstanding! If you're in Madison and looking for a great place for a drink (their mixed drinks are ridiculously is the rhubarb lemonade for the driver) and eat, this is definitely a place to check out!

Oh, I'm 100% positive their cheese curds are the best I've ever had.

We would've liked to walk around Madison a little bit, but the weather wasn't ideal for a 3-month old and a 30-year old who failed to dress properly for the day; shorts and short-sleeved polo on a windy, cloudy, 52-degree day is not ideal.

Madison is a city my wife and I have loved to visit, but to experience it for the first time with our daughter made this trip as memorable as any of the past, more eventful weekends we've spent there.