One of the most ubiquitous retail brands in rural and small-town America is expanding in the form of two separate new stores that cater to different customer bases. One of those concepts is coming to eastern Iowa this spring.

Dollar General's new "Dollar General Fresh Market," nicknamed "DG Market," is coming to Davenport, IA in 2024. The store will be located at 1777 North Division Street in Davenport, inside a former CVS, and will be radically different than a conventional Dollar General.

What is a "Dollar General Fresh Market?:"

There are Dollar General stores all across the Midwest, but "DG Markets," as they're known, offer produce, refrigerated and frozen foods, dairy products, and fresh meat. Now, many Dollar Generals have started offering some of those, but the company's "Market" concept really prioritizes fresh produce and meat. Hence the name "Fresh Market."

Moreover, the idea behind these stores is that they'll open in small-to-medium-sized metropolitans where access to fresh produce isn't always easy nor affordable. Dollar Generals carry the top 20 items typically sold in traditional grocery stores, which cover about 80% of the produce categories that most grocery stores provide.

Photo Credit: Dollar General, YouTube
Photo Credit: Dollar General, YouTube

Don't Confuse "Fresh Markets" with "DGX:"

In addition to farmers market-esque stores, Dollar General is also opening a series of stores across urban communities. These stores, known as "DGX," cater to "urban shoppers," such as millennials, as opposed to traditional Dollar Generals, which cater to rural audiences.

DGX stores are more like convenient stores, with "instant consumption items," such as coffee, fountain soda, and grab-and-go food:

[....]DGX stores are opening in hipster neighborhoods with large millennial populations. DGX stores are Dollar General’s plan to reach the millennial consumer. While Dollar General lacks brand recognition with urban millennials, they believe offering great value will make them successful with this highly coveted consumer demographic. - per Property Manager Insider


Coming Soon to Davenport, IA:

Per KWQC, the forthcoming Dollar General Fresh Market in Davenport, IA is expected to open in the springtime. For more information, visit KWQC's website!

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