Top 5 Tips for Buying and Selling Gold Dubuque

Buying and selling gold has become increasingly common today. When you are selling or buying gold, it is important to have a solid understanding of what to expect. The following five tips can help to guide you.

1. When selling or buying gold Dubuque residents should always seek out an experienced and expert appraiser. At Allied Pawn, all of our staff of experts attend classes from prestigious jewelry schools like the Gemological Institutes of America in order to learn how to accurately appraise a variety of precious metals and gems, including diamonds, platinum, gold, and silver.

2. When considering selling gold Dubuque residents should also make sure they choose an establishment that will pay them the highest price possible. We are completely certified from some of the best jewelry schools in the nation, allowing us to pay you more for your gold and silver.

3. Seeking out a local establishment is also important when you are considering selling your gold. We are able to pay far more than “cash for gold” mail order establishments because we are a local business. Mail order gold buyers incur higher fees that are passed on to the buyer in the form of lower purchase prices. In addition, you must also wait for your money when purchasing from a mail order gold buyer. This is not the case with us. We are able to pay you on the same day that we purchase your gold. There is no waiting.

4. It is also critical that you find a reputable buyer when you are considering selling gold. When you opt for a mail order gold buyer, you simply never know whether you are working with a reputable business or a fly-by-night company who will send you a check that will bounce. We absolutely guarantee that we will beat any written offer by 10%. You can always be assured that you will receive the best deal possible when buying gold at Allied Pawn.

5. If you are in the market for buying gold and diamonds in Dubuque, it is also important that you work only with a reputable dealer. Purchasing gold online can be a risky endeavor. When you are ready to purchase gold, it is important that you always examine the piece you are considering purchasing in person. By shopping with us at Allied Pawn, you can be assured of the complete authenticity of the piece you are purchasing and even speak with expert appraisers in person before you make your final gold buying decision.

Top 5 Tips When Considering Pawn Loans and Payday Advance Loans

Pawn loans and payday loans can be beneficial in a wide array of circumstances. In considering pawn loans, Dubuque residents should be aware of what to expect.

1. If you are thinking of taking out a pawn loan, you should be aware that you will need to put some type of collateral or security. The item you bring should be something that has some value. Good examples include jewelry, electronics, power tools, watches, etc. Any item you present for collateral should be in good working order. In order to obtain the highest loan amount possible, it is important for your collateral to be clean and fully-functioning. If you bring in an electronic item, you will also need to bring in all related cords and chargers.

2. When considering payday loans, Dubuque residents will need to have an open and active checking account. You will need to bring in a state-issued ID as well as your checkbook, most recent paystub, and a checking account statement that is current within the last 30 days. To start the process, you will write us a check, you will get your cash, and we will hold your check for a few weeks. On your next payday, you will pay us back. It is that simple.

3. Many people often have questions regarding how pawn loans and payday loans are used. Typically, such loans are used for emergency situations in which you need some quick cash.

4. It is important to choose the type of loan that best meets your situation. There are differences between pawn loans and payday loans. A pawn loan is considered a non-recourse loan. This means that if you default on the loan and do not pay it back, you will lose the item you pledged as security or collateral. One of the benefits of this loan is that there are absolutely no credit reporting requirements.

5. If you consider a payday loan, it is important to borrow the amount of money you feel comfortable paying back by your next payday. This type of loan can be a good option when you are in need of quick cash and you do not want to pledge an item for security or collateral for a pawn loan.

By understanding what is involved in pawn loans and payday loans, you can more easily determine which option is the best choice for your current financial needs.