I was on the way home from work and had to do a double take!

I realize we're about eight and a half weeks until Halloween, so I'm not sure if it's too early to be putting up your decorations yet. We usually wait until the calendar turns to October before we decorate, but I guess when you go through stores and see Christmas stuff out already, is it really too early?

I saw this house and had to think about it for a second. If this is their advertisement for an in-home daycare I don't think it's going to work! I pulled over to snap a couple of pictures. I guess some people might think it's a little disturbing.

The porch is littered with a bunch of baby dolls, some hanging from strings.

attachment-House 3

There's also a baby in a high chair that's reminiscent of the little baby in the "Toy Story" movies.

attachment-House 2

Props to whoever put up the decorations... it definitely got my attention.

I know there's a family on Windsor Avenue that decorates a part of their home every year and allows people to walk through it. I though someone told me their admission is a canned food item for the local food pantry.

Are you excited for Halloween? When do you put up your decorations?

~Chris Farber

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