I've mentioned in past pieces that John McGivern's Main Streets is one of my favorite comfort shows. If you're unfamiliar, the show involves the titular host/actor traveling to a variety of cozy cities, big and small, in the Midwest. It has the downhome charm that I feel would appeal to just about anyone in the Midwest.

McGivern has even done full episodes on Dubuque, IA and Galena, IL! But perhaps the best part about Main Streets? It's free to watch on YouTube!

Photo Credits: John McGivern's Main Streets, YouTube
Photo Credit: John McGivern's Main Streets, YouTube

Who is John McGivern?:

John McGivern is a Milwaukee based actor/personality, who recently launched his own program dedicated to exploring the various quaint towns in the Midwest. He's probably best known for his role as Bruce McIntosh in the Disney movie The Princess Diaries, but he has also done commercials for the likes of Kohl's and Sears.

John Takes a Tour of Decorah, Iowa:

On last week's episode of Main Streets, John McGivern found himself back in the Hawkeye State, this time to take a tour of Decorah, IA. The northern Iowa city is a hot bed of culture, scenic views, and Norwegian lineage.

Photo Credit: John McGivern's Main Streets, YouTube
Photo Credit: John McGivern's Main Streets, YouTube

In the episode, John McGivern tours the Norwegian-American museum in Decorah, IA known as Vesterheim. He also explores Luther College, the wonderous nature of the area, and even gets an up-close look at the manufacturing industry in Decorah in the form of Iowa Rotocast Plastics.

More About John McGivern's Main Streets:

Being that McGivern always travels to places in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota, the show is hyper-local to our area. There's something utterly delightful about seeing your city/region profiled in a show like this.

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It's even better with an engaging host. McGivern is full of personality and charm, and whether he's learning the trade of blacksmithing or trying his hand at herding goats, he's an affable, lovable presence.

Watch the Decorah, IA Episode of Main Streets for FREE!:

You can watch the Decorah, IA episode of John McGivern's Main Streets for free on YouTube. You can even view a time-stamp of specific locations in the episode:

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 3:25 Hammel Jewelers
  • 5:25 Seed Savers Exchange
  • 7:37 Thursday Nights in Summer
  • 9:16 Phelps Cemetery
  • 11:35 Decorah outdoors
  • 12:25 Luther College
  • 14:40 Vesterheim museum and folk art school
  • 17:43 Iowa Rotocast Plastics
  • 19:50 Decorah High School garden
  • 20:24 Porter House museum fence
  • 21:05 Twin Springs Supper Club
  • 23:15 The Whippy Dip
  • 24:00 Decorah fish hatchery

Check out Main Streets' official website for a complete list of episodes too! You can see the Dubuque, IA and Galena, IL episodes below too!

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