Two new stores have recently opened inside Dubuque's premier shopping center, adding additional stores to what's becoming an ongoing trend of new shops popping up all throughout the local mall.

Kennedy Mall has welcomed both This & That and World Earth Minerals to the shopping center to start the month of February, per Kennedy Mall's Facebook page. This & That is billed as a store that offered discounted merchandise while World Earth Minerals offers stones, jewelry, engraving services, and even things for kids as well!

This & That is "full of treasures," per their own Facebook page. They offer new and used items, including but not limited to: toys, tools, antiques, jewelry, furniture, glassware, small kitchen appliances, holiday items, home décor, paintings, coins, records, movies, hunting/fishing accessories, and more.

World Earth Minerals also offers a barrage of items, coins, rocks, gems, jewelry, books, and more. Per their Facebook page, here are some of the things they offer:

  • Craftsmanship: Each coin is a custom work of art, meticulously crafted by our skilled artisans and engravers.
  • Limited Edition: Produced in limited quantities, making them highly sought after and valuable.
  • Historical Preservation: Passionate about keeping Wyoming's Gold Rush history alive.
  • Personalization: Make our coins uniquely yours, whether as collector's items or gifts.
  • Investment Opportunity: A sound investment choice due to the inherent value of the precious metals.

Kennedy Mall in Dubuque has been welcoming new stores in and around the mall for a while now. At the tail-end of 2023, Angry Fox opened its doors in the mall.

Angry Fox has a large assortment of items: figurines, plush toys, mock swords/katanas, snacks, collectibles, and various other Asian and anime items. The store has a Janesville, WI location in addition to one in Kennedy Mall.

It's also worth mentioning that This & That and World Earth Minerals are locally owned operations, further showing Kennedy Mall's commitment to bringing an at-home shopping/buying experience to the area.

Photo Credit: Chris Farber
Photo Credit: Chris Farber

Keep up to date with all the happenings at Kennedy Mall on their website. Be sure to find This & That and World Earth Minerals on Facebook too.

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