A couple weeks ago, I talked about how PetMed Animal Health Center has been a serious lifeline for me and my two cats, Siskel and Ebert. Dr. Mackenzie Hellert's willingness to make house-calls coupled with her compassionate, experienced breed of care make her absolutely perfect for my situation: and maybe yours too!

I got to see Dr. Hellert and her assistant Molly work first-hand this week. Both women came to my apartment to administer a couple vaccines, including rabies shots, to both my cats.

When Dr. Hellert makes a house call, the only thing she requests from the pet-owner is a floor on which to work and that the pet(s) is available. Other than that, her and her assistant have all the tools they need to do their jobs effectively. In total, Dr. Hellert spent maybe 25 minutes at my apartment. It might've been an even quicker visit if my cat, Siskel, didn't take a five minute breather to hide behind the washing machine between shots.

PetMed Animal Health Center is located in the Key West neighborhood of Dubuque. The clinic is made up of two passionate and experienced veterinarians in Dr. Mackenzie Hellert and Dr. Naomi Tigges.

From left: Molly, Dr. Mackenzie Hellert, Steve Pulaski, and Ebert
From left: Molly, Dr. Mackenzie Hellert, Steve Pulaski, and Ebert. Photo Credit: Katie Kotz

Both Dr. Hellert and Dr. Tigges are Dubuque natives and graduates from the Iowa State College of Veterinary Medicine. Together, they've become the braintrust of PetMed Animal Health Center, a vet that offers everything from vaccines, surgeries, to even grooming services.

Not only does PetMed offer in-home visits, but they also offer Telehealth services to current patients via phone and/or Zoom! They're equipped with ultrasound technology, and laser therapy, which increases tissue healing and decreases inflammation in older pets.

Dr. Hellert and Molly weigh my cat, Siskel. Photo Credit: Katie Kotz.
Dr. Hellert and Molly weigh my cat, Siskel. Photo Credit: Katie Kotz.

To find out more about PetMed Animal Health Center, visit their website or call them at (563)-583-8387. You can also find them on Facebook!

PetMed Animal Health Center is located at 2400 Gateway Drive in Dubuque, IA.


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