As I've shown over the last several weeks, there are no shortage of fun and eye-catching things to do around Christmastime in the Tri-States. Be it an the world's largest Christmas tree maze, or a forest rife with decorative trees, there is plenty to do and see this time of year.

But the great thing about Reflections in the Park is it's basically right in our own backyard. The annual Christmas light display is presently in its 29th year, set up where it always is: Louis Murphy Park in Dubuque, IA. John Bellini of Hillcrest Family Services was kind enough to stop by the studio to talk all things Reflections in the Park.

Bellini illustrated how the simple, effective concept of a Christmas light display is achieved every year in Dubuque via Reflections of the Park and generous donations from hundreds of businesses:

So, 29 years going, and some new displays, and we move 'em around every year. This year, we're running nightly 5 to 10 o'clock at night. Admission is $12 at the gate, and $10 at any Dubuque Bank & Trust location [....] there's hundreds of light displays, I lost track. There's plenty to fill the park, that's for sure.

Reflections in the Park serves as Hillcrest Family Services' largest fundraiser of the year. Hillcrest has been helping people in the Tri-States for years, be it with addiction or even adoption practices:

Photo Credit: Matt&Ethan, YouTube
Photo Credit: Matt&Ethan, YouTube

We are a results focused organization that adds direction to those who have lost their way. To those suffering from addictions who need to get back on track. For people who want to start a family through adoption, and others who need a little tending to because of an unintended pregnancy, and we’re here for individuals who have dependencies, but want to work toward independence. At Hillcrest, we provide many services, but with only one focus. Results. - per Hillcrest Family Services' mission statement

Santa Claus will also be making appearances at Reflections in the Park every Monday too! He'll be at Murphy Park every Monday through December 18th taking pictures, greeting children and their families, and spreading some holiday cheer along with it!

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Tickets to Reflections in the Park are easy to obtain, be it at the gate at Murphy Park for only $12, or at any Dubuque Bank & Trust location (discounted at $10). They are open every night from 5pm - 10pm through January 1st. To learn more about Reflections in the Park, take a listen to my interview with John Bellini below!

Louis Murphy Park is located at 1700 South Grandview Avenue in Dubuque. Hillcrest Family Services is located at 2005 Asbury Road in Dubuque.

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