You truly don't have to travel very far to take in Iowa's abundance of natural beauty in the form of trails, parks, lakes, and more. A new website has just picked out the best lake to visit in the Hawkeye State!

The website, Cheapism, looked at all 50 states and picked the best lake from each of them. For Iowa, the choice might've been easier than others. Cheapism selected Lake Okoboji as Iowa's best lake to visit. This is in line with a study from last year that called the very same lake the "most Instagrammable" attraction in all of Iowa.

Anyone who has been to Lake Okoboji knows that some of the most scenic and gorgeous views in the entire region belong to this location. Whether it's summer or winter, the lake sees a variety of tourists from all over the country:

According to information obtained from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, West Lake Okoboji is comprised of 3,847 surface acres of water with an average depth of 38 feet and maximum depth of 136 feet. There are 19.8 miles of shoreline around West Lake and the natural drainage basin is fed by 13,668 acres of land or approximately 22 square miles. - per Vacation Okoboji

Cheapism had this to say when naming Lake Okoboji as Iowa's premier lake:

Part of the Iowa Great Lakes, West Okoboji is famed as one of only three "blue water lakes" in the world. Whether it is, and whatever that means, the lake is one of the top tourist spots in the state, drawing millions of visitors each year. Drop a line for walleye, bluegill, and trophy northern pike. - per Cheapism

Approximately 47 species of fish can be found in West Lake Okoboji alone. Plus there are a few notable state parks located along the shores of the West Lake:

Three State Parks are located along the shores of West Lake, including Pillsbury Point, Gull Point, and Pike’s Point that is located adjacent to the City of Okoboji’s northern city limits. West Lake Okoboji is considered a blue water lake formed by glacial movements retreating north, and is only one of three blue water lakes in the world. - per Vacation Okoboji

Read more about Lake Okoboji's selection as Iowa's best lake on Cheapism's website.

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