Throwback Thursday... (Is this still a thing?) I was up at my mom's house last weekend and was rooting through her junk drawer.

I found a pile of matchbooks.

For you youngsters that don't know... back when smoking cigarettes was cool, socially acceptable and not known to cause cancer... (ok, some people knew, but didn't tell us...) you would find many area businesses with matchbooks at their entryways and cash registers.

My folks weren't smokers, but out of habit they would always grab a book to keep around in case they wanted to light up some charcoal or a candle around the house.

I remember for a while they had a drawer that was probably full enough to cause a neighborhood inferno.

Over the years, matchbooks kinda became passé and over time they slowly disappeared.

It was still a cool find and reminded me for a moment of being a kid. I remember the old Holiday Inn sign on Dodge street and I can't tell you how much I still miss that Ambrosia pie at Bishops inside the Kennedy Mall.

I took a snap of the backsides, too... just in case you wanted to see them.

Matchbooks backs

Besides buying a big box of matches at the store... can you still find matchbooks anywhere?

~Chris Farber

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