Over the last several months, Southwest Health in Platteville has expanded their ENT services to allergy testing and as well as their EMS services to include Cuba City. Now, the larger corporation is breaking ground on a brand new clinic not too far from the Tri-States.

Southwest Health has broken ground on their new clinic in Darlington, WI. The site is located on the corner of State Highway 81 and Tama Run Lane. Southwest Health will again partner with Cuba City Dental to provide high-quality, multi-specialty care to community members at this location.


Once completed in early 2024, Southwest Health’s current Eye Center on Main Street will move to the new clinic location. Various other Southwest Health specialty services will join the Eye Center and Darlington Family Dental, including Obstetrics & Gynecology, Rehab Services, and Ear, Nose, and Throat.

As part of this project, Southwest Health is also developing an additional 10 acres that will be available for other businesses to purchase for commercial development. Southwest Health has worked closely with the Wiegel Family, the Darlington City Council, and other entities to help make this development a reality.

Photo Credit: MattGush, Digital Team
Photo Credit: MattGush, Digital Team

Earlier this month, Southwest Health EMS expanded their services to include Cuba City. Southwest Health EMS will continue to run their crew from Southwest Health in Platteville. Southwest Health has two EMS crews staffed on duty 24/7, allowing for an en route time of approximately 90 seconds or less.

This means crews can reach the patient in need and begin life-saving measures very quickly. Southwest Health EMS operates at a paramedic level, allowing them to administer advanced life support, including pain management, and perform life-saving cardiac arrest measures before the patient gets to the Emergency Room.

For additional details on this expansion, contact Kelly Jo Fassbinder of Southwest Health at fassbinderk@southwesthealth.org.


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